Safety Turtle Additional Wristband in Green for 2.0 System



These are additional wristbands for the Safety Turtle 2.0 alarm system. Be sure that you have the base Safety Turtle unit, found here for children, and found here for pets.

All-Safe’s top priority is always safety. Whether it is installing a pool net to prevent anyone, including adults from accidentally submerging in a pool they have fallen into or installing a new pool fence with a gate that automatically locks, we always strive to protect everyone in your family. With a Safety Turtle pool alarm wristband, we can help protect your loved ones beyond the installed measures around your pool. The green-and-black wristband is specially designed to keep your child safe by alerting you the second it is submerged in water.

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About Safety Turtle 2.0

This pool safety wristband alarm is designed for the Safety Turtle 2.0 system. A bright-green turtle is securely fastened to a black band, which you adjust to your child’s wrist, and contains a special sensor that immediately detects water submersion. If your child accidentally falls into the water, you will quickly receive an alarm warning of the situation.

The pool alarm wristband is designed to fit wrists of all sizes. It comes with a special key so your child cannot rip it off either, ensuring that there are no mix-ups and compromises of safety. The turtle works in all pool types and will tell you when the turtle needs to be replaced, which is only every three to five years.

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If you are looking for some peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your children and pets, then the Safety Turtle pool safety wristband alarm 2.0 system may be ideal for you. Order online with All-Safe.