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When it comes to your family’s safety, you can never be too prepared. In fact, it is always better to be as cautious as possible, especially when you are trying to protect them from getting hurt in or around the pool. To help with this mission, All-Safe offers sets of extra Pool Guard pool alarm door sensors to attach to your screen door or other areas around your home. These are for use with the standard PoolGuard door alarm and the immediate PoolGuard door alarm.

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The PoolGuard extra sensor and screen door kit is packed with protection. The additional sensors work with our most popular door alarm models, the DAPT-2 and the DAPT-WT. You can also use the kit to place a safety barrier on your screen door so you can always know when kids head toward the pool. When placed properly on the screen door, the pool alarm door sensor allows you to get air through the screen without having to worry that the alarm will sound. The specially designed concept is equipped to have minimal interference and solely alert when it is children walking through. The kit comes with two sensors, two wire leads, and four screws for installation.

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With easy to use installation instructions, the pool alarm door sensor does not require outside help to hook up. Order this system today and enjoy your pool with peace of mind.