Poolguard Door Alarm

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Poolguard Door Alarm

Children are naturally drawn to water, a fact can pose safety risks if you have an inground pool in your yard. Your little ones may accidentally fall in or jump in on purpose and swim on their own.

Responsible parents take the risk of injury and drowning seriously, and a pool door alarm is a great way to make sure you know what your loved ones are up to when they’re out of sight. This alarm is especially helpful if you have a pool fence that does not halt access from the pool to the house, though a mesh pool fence that does is still highly recommended.

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About This PoolGuard Door Alarm

A battery-powered PoolGuard alarm is an additional set of eyes around your home. It attaches to your door and will go off in seven seconds whenever a child opens the door, regardless of whether the door is immediately closed. The only an adult can reset the alarm. However, adults don’t have to worry about coming and going, as the pool door alarm has a feature allowing adults to go through without an alarm sounding.

See the Poolguard immediate door alarm if you’d prefer the warning to sound immediately after the door is open.

The alarm also comes with a low-battery indicator, has a battery life of about one year, and is intended for indoor use. For an additional cost, it can also come equipped with a screen door kit so that you can still enjoy a nice breeze in your home without an alarm registering the movement as a child.

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Your local All-Safe dealer can help you determine the best way to protect your children around your pool. Contact your local All-Safe dealer for help selecting safety barriers like pool fences, nets, and covers that will help you provide comprehensive protection for your children.

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