D&D Magna Latch Alert



  • NEW Visual unlatched alarm
  • NEW Audible unlatched alarm
  • At-a-glance lock indicator
  • Re-Keyable lock for extra security & convenience
  • Magnetic latching always engages, can’t jam
  • Easy installation, with no special tools
  • Fits metal and wood gates
  • Trusted to protect toddlers for over 25 years
  • Meets all pool barrier codes

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The world’s first and only integrated safety gate latch and alarm.

MagnaLatch® has set the standard for child safety gate latches for more than 25 years. We’ve sold millions of this Aussie invention worldwide.

Now the MagnaLatch® ALERT models set entirely new levels for safety gates around swimming pools, childcare centers, schools, homes or wherever child safety is critical.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT offers dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights, and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened or left unlatched. So you can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, if your gate is not secured.

While the Top Pull model is ideal for all child safety applications, the shorter Vertical Pull model offers protection on pet security and general-purpose gates around the home and garden. A single beep upon opening warns of visitors or intruders.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT is the ultimate safety gate latch, and the ideal alert device for when you can’t turn your back for a second.
Always confirm local Council Authority requirements before installation on swimming pools.