D&D TruClose Gate Hinge – Black (S3)

Item # TCA1L2S3BT


Black Pool Gate Hinges

A self-closing gate hinge makes keeping your pool area safe and secure easier than ever. All-Safe pool safety fences are the ideal solution for any pool, and adding a specially designed gate hinge ensures that your fence always remains closed and your family remains protected.

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D&D Technologies black pool gate hinge is uniquely crafted to match every gate and every family’s needs. The TruClose formula makes sure the fence gate closes itself the way you want it to. You can adjust how quickly the gate closes with its easy to use tension system. This particular hinge supports gates that weigh up to 66 pounds and can support up to 770 pounds of weight overall. There are also self-closing gate hinges available specially built for fences made of metal, wood, and vinyl.

Having a black pool gate hinge is one of the most important parts of your pool safety system. Keeping your gate in perfect condition and making sure that even the smallest part is optimized for your safety ensures your family can enjoy your backyard pool for years to come without worry.

Contact your local All-Safe dealer today to find out how you can get a self-closing gate hinge for your safety pool fence. Your local team can make sure you get your new part installed quickly and easily.