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Pool Fence Drill Guide

After you have been a pool owner for quite some time, it is highly likely you will learn the skills you need to properly maintain and even build onto your existing pool fence. If you are looking to be your own handyman or woman, then All-Safe’s pool fence drill guide is a great solution for you.

This guide is a tool used to align a rotary hammer drill to drill holes a specific angles. Also see our online DIY pool fence guide for the basics of how to use it.

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About This Drill Guide

The pool fence DIY drill guide is used with a rotary hammer drill to create holes at specific angles. Having a tool to help do so ensures that you get the hole placed the right way, the safe way. The drill guide is specifically designed to help install our removable mesh pool safety fence. You can adjust the angle by 10-degree increments, adjust the guide feet, and use masonry bits up to ⅝ inch. The guide is also designed with dual bearings and is powder-coated for smooth drilling and even smoother sailing throughout the entire installation process.

While our pool fence drill guide is designed specifically to be used for our pool products, having a drill guide will ensure that you can tackle any project efficiently. You can take on a variety of projects, all the while rest assured that it will be built to last with state of the art tools.

Work With All-Safe

Before beginning your DIY pool fence installation, we highly recommend that you contact your local All-Safe dealer for a free quote on professional installation.

Thank you for taking steps to keep your children and pets safe around your pool.