Anchors & Clips

Clips & Anchors for All Surfaces

All-Safe pool net anchors ensure every pool net can be securely fastened without the eyesore from bulky hardware, no matter the size and style of your pool. Our anchors are available for all pool decks, walls, and other surfaces. We also stock various styles of pool net clips to give you the most flexibility when attaching and removing your pool net.

Pool Net Anchors

Our variety of anchors allow you to customize your pool net fastening arrangement while providing you with simple and convenient pool net removal and resetting. For pool decks and other horizontal surfaces, we supply two unique options. For discrete installations, we stock brass anchors that can be flush-mounted in a similar fashion as a standard concrete sleeve. We offer our brass pool net anchors in threaded and non-threaded models to allow maximum compatibility with our pool net clips. Brass anchors are press fit into the appropriate recess without the need of any additional mounting hardware.

We also stock our long-lasting composite anchors in two standard color tones for those installations that require raised and extended anchoring points for maximum visibility and versatility. These composite anchors are easy to install as they only need two standard 3/16” holes for a quick and robust installation using our nylon Nail-Ins. Our nylon Nail-Ins can also be used with our Pad-Eye anchors to secure any pool net to concrete, brick, or block walls. With either our brass or composite pool net anchors, you can rest assured your pool net will be firmly secured to keep your family safe.

Pool Net Clips

A safe and stable pool net is only as strong as its anchors and net clips. To match the construction quality and performance strength of our anchors, we stock a range of compatible anchor clips. For use with our non-threaded brass anchors, you can rely on our Cone-Head clips. Our threaded brass anchors are designed to be compatible with our Round-Loop clips. For any installation using our composite anchors, our Flat-Head clips are constructed for seamless use. And if you’re making use of vertical surfaces, you can pair our Pad-Eye anchor with our 2” carabiner.

Get It Right With All-Safe

At All-Safe we are here to offer you the highest quality pool safety products. Since choosing the right combination of pool net anchors and pool net clips can seem complicated, you can count on us to help you find the most appropriate combination of pool net anchors and clips for your pool net configuration.