Pool Cover

Pool Cover - All Safe Pool

Pool Cover – All Safe Pool

3 Important Reasons for Installing the Right Type of Pool Cover

There are so many benefits of protecting your pool with a cover. Choosing the right type of Pool

Cover can enhance safety and keep your pool cleaner. A cover can also help minimize the need

for frequent pool maintenance and save you money, thus paying for itself in the long term. Find

out the main reasons why you should cover your pool with the right option.

1. Increased Safety

The right type of Pool Cover can provide excellent safety and protection for your family and

guests. For example, automatic covers are considered among the safest. They will prevent

anyone from falling into the water and support the weight of 2 or more adults. You can open

and close it quickly. Some automatic covers can also be installed with alarms to alert you if

someone opens them without your knowledge.

2. Keeps Your Pool Clean

Another advantage of having a Pool Cover is that it can keep your pool cleaner for longer. You

will not have to clean your pool more often. Thus, you will be able to spend more time enjoying

the pool and less time cleaning it. There are many ways covers can keep the water clean, and

they can prevent the growth of algae and keep out debris and dust.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Make sure to choose a Pool Cover that provides complete coverage over the water and reduces

evaporation. Some types of covers can reduce evaporation by almost 90%. This can help you

save in many ways.

 The heating costs will come down

 Your pool will require lesser amount of chemicals

 Lesser electricity will be required due to reduced need for filtering

When your pool is covered, water temperature will remain slightly higher. As your pool

components will not have to work as often, their lifespan will also increase.

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