Tips for Choosing the Best All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

Pool owners have made All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers as their #1 choice for pool fence for over the past 20 years. Our removable mesh pool fences are assembled at our manufacturing facilities in Orange County California. Send us an email or give us a call anytime to set up a time to have one of our safety experts meet with you to discuss your options for pool fence installation, answer your questions and provide you with a FREE quote. Call (800)786-8110 or Click below.

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

Tips for Choosing the Best All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

Safety is the most important benefit of All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers. There are different types of fences and covers, and choosing the right one means considering your requirements. There are many points to be considered when choosing the right fence or cover for your pool. This guide will share information on these factors.

Choosing the Right Pool Fence All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers 

You should consider the following factors when choosing the right pool fence:

1. Height

When choosing the right All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers, make sure that the fence has a minimum height of 3.5 feet. There are different types of styles and designs available for different types of gates, and they can be as high as 6 feet. It is recommended to install a fence at least 4 feet in height.

2. Durable Build

Make sure that the fence is durable and should not break, warp or bend. It is recommended to choose a material that can resist the elements. If you are choosing a metal fence, make sure to choose a metal that doesn’t rust.

3. Self-Latching Gate

The pool fence gate should close and latch automatically. It should swing itself to close and latch thoroughly and not allow children to open the gate. It will be best to fix the latch at a height that is beyond the reach of kids.

Choosing the Right Pool Cover

Pool covers are also essential features for swimming pools. While the pool fence works as a safety measure to keep out children and pets, the cover helps protect the water from getting dirty. Depending on the kind of pool cover, it can also provide a level of safety. There are different types of All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers and just like fences, you should choose the one that ideally suits your needs and preferences.

A pool cover works as an effective protection against the elements, and can also keep the water warm.

  • Solar Pool Covers – These types of covers are useful and affordable. When choosing this type of cover, it is recommended to give priority to quality. Otherwise, they will not last long.
  • Solar Rings – These types of covers work similar to your regular pool covers. But they can be stored easily because there is no need to fold up the pool blanked.
  • Automatic Pool Covers – These types of All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers are relatively newer but they are much more convenient to use. You can roll the covers easily by pressing a button, but this also means that you will have to spend more on them. Automatic pool covers will require professional installation because of the technology involved.

So when choosing the right All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers, you should consider all the above-mentioned points. It is recommended to choose high quality materials because the fence and cover are going to spend all their time outdoors. If they are not durable enough to resist the elements, they will not last long.

All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

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