About All-Safe


Marsh, Reed, and Helen Hauge

All-Safe is more than a company, it’s a family. Owned and operated by the Hauges — Reed, Helen, and Marsh — All-Safe is made up of about 40 employees dedicated to keeping the family name as strong and consistent as the family values to work with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

All-Safe was founded to save the lives of children, and every one of us is on board to do exactly that. We have rigorous safety standards for all products and focus on products designed to improve safety in the pool area.

What We Do

We sell and install swimming pool safety barriers, including removable pool fences, safety nets, safety covers, and alarms, to protect your children and pets from falling in and drowning in swimming pools. Our products have even earned the confidence of the Child Abuse Prevention Center, who named us as their exclusive vendor for swimming pool safety barriers. We have also partnered with the Children’s Hospital, Drowning Prevention Network, Fire Authority and other public agencies to share just how important pool and child safety is.

If we wouldn’t use a product in our home, we won’t recommend it. Our goal is to help our customers discover the best possible safety solutions for their pool area, not to sell the most fences and covers. We want you and your family to feel excited about your purchase and confident that we will have your back from the moment you talk to a local dealer.

How We Got Started

All-Safe’s roots trace back to the 1970s when Marsh and Helen dipped their toes in solar pool heating before expanding their projects to swimming pool construction and landscape contracting. As their business expanded, so did their understanding of family’s needs when they realized that a beautiful pool area isn’t so great if it isn’t safe. They started installing removable pool fences and gates.

Although these were a good start, the needs of every pool and family are unique, which is why Marsh and Helen decided to take the lack of custom parts in the pool industry into their own hands. In 1992, the Hauges started All-Safe to provide well-researched and developed products designed to be the custom fit for unique families. Today, that originality has stood the tests of time and All-Safe routinely installs standard and unique custom features designed with families in mind.

Our Team

All-Safe installation teams are professionals who respect you and your property like close family. We are here to listen to what you need and help you find the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure so you can enjoy your swimming pool more than ever before. There are dozens of solutions to help your family do just that. With safety nets, safety covers, special alarms and more, All-Safe is confident that we can find an innovative solution to your needs.

Where We’re Located

While our production facilities, general offices, and warehouses are located in Orange, California, we have supply dealers nationwide. All-Safe products can be found on wooden decks, large estates, small fountains and Olympic-sized swimming pools overlooking the ocean. No matter the size or location of your pool area, we have a pool safety solution to meet your needs.

The All-Safe Family

Once you ask for an All-Safe product for your pool, you’re a part of the All-Safe family. From our team that designs and engineers your safety solutions to the local professionals who will meet with you and install them, everyone is committed to dealing with you fairly with honesty and integrity to keep the focus on the safety of your family.

Call your local dealer today and we’ll get started on customizing the perfect pool safety solution for you. We’re excited to help you enjoy better safety and peace of mind from our family to yours.


All-Safe® CEO Signature
Reed Hauge
Chief Operating Officer
All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers®