Removable Mesh Pool Fence – 4 Foot Black 1″ Poles

Item # SECTN-48CEB1


  • 4 feet tall x 15 feet long
  • Six 1″ diameter tri-core poles with pole caps
  • Six 1-1/8″ deck sleeves
  • Six 1-1/8″ deck plugs
  • One section latch, Color: Silver
  • Fence Color: Black

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A removable mesh pool safety fence is a popular choice to secure your swimming pool, and help guard against accidental drowning.

Our Classic pool safety fence line includes the following features:

  • Each pre-assembled section is 4 feet high, 15 feet long and contains 6 aluminum tri-core poles with pole caps.
  • Poles spacing is 36″ and feature a “YBeamreinforcement.
  • 1-1/8” hole will need to be drilled for each pole.
  • Includes deck sleeves, plugs and section latch.
  • An optional self-closing gate is available.

This product does not come with installation support or instructions. All-Safe always recommends using a experienced professional for installation of a safety barrier