About Mesh Pool Safety Fences

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About Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing

Mesh pool fencing is the most popular safety product for residential swimming pools because of its versatility, ability to be easily removed by adults, and the difficulty for children to climb. These fences for around the pool are adaptable too, as they can be used to secure almost every pool, spa or water feature. Made from ultra strong and durable materials, most premium All-Safe pool fences come with a lifetime warranty.

How Do Mesh Pool Fences Work?

All-Safe’s mesh pool fencing uses tension for maximum durability and security. Our standard swimming pool fencing is made of aircraft grade aluminum poles set 36 inches apart with 15-foot mesh sections, but we can customize your fencing for the shape, size, and elevation of your backyard. Many of our customers choose to include a self-closing, self-latching, lockable pool gate for added convenience and safety.

How Safe Are Mesh Pool Fences?

Our All-Safe team has been installing fences around pools for more than 25 years. We only build products we would use in our own homes, which is why we use tension based systems to make swimming pool fences difficult for children to move or climb on top of. Our mesh pool fencing is so reliable that numerous child care and social service centers look to place children in homes that have this safety barrier. These fences often meet residential building code requirements, making it the perfect option for homeowners.

We only use the strongest and best-rated materials in the industry. Our swimming pool fencing poles are the strongest available when measuring break strength and our specially made mesh is nearly impossible to tear.

Throughout our time in the industry, we have never seen one of our fence poles break because of a child. Our products have proved time and time again that they are perfect for children and pets, as the only major damages we have seen are due to extreme force at high speeds. We know that serious incidents occur and sometimes the weather has its part to play in situations or large animals may play a part, which is why all of our swimming pool fencing is repairable.

How Much Does a Pool Fence Cost?

The average cost for a fence around the pool is $1,500 – $2,500, including installation and materials. While many people believe the price is based solely on the amount of fencing, it is also determined by the fence’s height, gates, surface it will be installed on, and design. Your local All-Safe dealer can provide a more accurate cost with a free onsite estimate.


Can I customize My Mesh Pool Fence?

Every pool fence by All-Safe is a custom safety solution with a layout you and a local pool professional will decide on together during your free consultation. You determine where the fence starts and ends, as well as where you would like a self-closing, self-latching lockable gate. By adding these gates to the fence around your pool, adults can conveniently walk in and out of the enclosed area without any hassle.

We also offer manual openings for swimming pool fencing, which some customers find a little more difficult to use because of the strong tension in the fence. To help ease this tension, we offer the All-Safe EZ-Close handles, which can be added during installation or at a later date.

How Do I Get a Mesh Pool Fence?

The next step to a secure pool area starts with your free on-site consultation and estimate with a local pool professional. Contact your local dealer today to get started.