Residential Pool Fence

How to Decorate your Residential Pool Fence?

The right Residential Pool Fence can provide both safety and privacy around the pool. At the same time, you can also enhance the aesthetics by decorating the fence. In fact, the choice of the decorative elements can further increase privacy.

Residential Pool Fence

Paint the Fence

If you have wooden fence, you could have them painted in colors of your choice. Mural can also be used to create a more appealing space around the pool. Use brighter colors to create a positive effect. Some of the great options can include:

  • Different shades of a single bright color, fading from dark to light
  • Painting the second picket or panel on a white fence with a bright color like orange or apple green
  • A classic beach scene mural

Add Plants

It doesn’t matter whether you have a wooden, chain-link or even mesh Residential Pool Fence, vines can always create a natural look and feel. You could also hang potted plants using fence hangers. The hangers can be placed at a fixed distance from each other. Non-flowering vines and plants make better choice – they don’t attract the bees.

Add Light

You can also add rope lighting to the Residential Pool Fence to create a great outdoor for the entire family. Dragonfly-shaped lights can liven up the pool area. Safe lighting along the perimeter of the fence can help create the perfect party space.

You can also add colored privacy mesh to block out view from the outside. There are so many options available with mesh, such as printed patterns and colors:

  • Stone walls
  • Vines
  • Ivy
  • Shrubs

They can be fixed to wrought iron, chain link or wood fences. You can create just any kind of decorative statement by having them painted to your specifications.

So follow these tips to decorate your Residential Pool Fence in any way you desire.