Features & Benefits of Installing Removable Fence At Your Pool

removable fence

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removable fence

Features & Benefits of Installing Removable Fence At Your Pool

Removable pool fencing offers so many benefits that cannot be expected from permanent fences. You can compare it with permanent glass fencing and it offers all the benefits of it without being permanent. Mesh removable fence gives you a view of the water, it is durable, and it cannot be climbed over. There are many reasons why this type of fencing can be better than many of the permanent alternatives.

Flexibility in Application

Flexibility is one of the biggest reasons why many homeowners choose removable fence. You can have any type of pool, in any shape, and these fences can be installed around them. With permanent fences, there are certain limitations as to the terrain and landscape. However, that is not the case with removable fencing.

You can install them on:

  • Sloped hill-sides
  • Steps
  • Raised planters
  • raised walls
  • Grass

You can install them over almost any kind of feature around your pool.

Ease of DIY Installation

Another advantage with removable fence is that they can be installed without professional help, in most cases. Using simple tools, you can install the fence in your backyard. This can save you decent amount of money on professional installation costs.

Removable fencing can help in having a reliable and durable barrier between your pool and home. Compared to fixed metal, wood or vinyl fences, it can provide similar benefits without obstructing the view of the water. Besides, you can remove them quickly and easily if and when you want to use the pool area for party or any other purpose.

Removable Fencing Features

There are many features that make removable fencing so special.

1. Transparent Mesh

They are made of transparent metal mesh that makes it easier for you to get a view into the pool. You can see if there is anyone in the water. High quality mesh is made using special weaving techniques. This makes them durable and reliable. Special UV-resistant coating and paint can further help in protecting the fence against weather damage and moisture.

2. Self Closing & Self Latching Gate

There are many features that make removable fence so special. You can choose self closing and self latching gate to prevent kids and pets from entering the pool area. They will also have special climb-resistant features to prevent anyone from climbing over and getting close to the water.

Some of the valuable features include:

  • Self closing hinges that fall into place automatically. This helps in preventing children and pets from entering, even if you forget to close the gate behind.
  • Most removable fence is designed to be removed easily without any special tools.

3. Specially Designed Poles

In percent pool fences the poles are permanently fixed and require large holes to be dug around your yard. However, with removable fence, the poles are strong yet don’t require large holes. They need tiny deck holes to install the fencing. Thus, there is lesser amount of messing up with your garden or pool area.

Thus, there are many benefits and features that make removable fence so valuable for your pool area.

removable fence

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