5 Reasons Why You Should Install Swimming Pool Covers

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swimming pool covers

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Swimming Pool Covers

If you leave your pool without a cover, it gets to get all the treatment that the elements will give it. The water is going to evaporate constantly and the climate is going to affect the temperature. If you need to use the pool, you will have to warm the water every time. Besides, the loss of water through evaporation means the chemical balance will change. Using the right swimming pool covers can help you protect the waters from the environment and even protect kids and pets from falling in.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use pool covers.

1. Slowing Down Evaporation

The right swimming pool covers can at least slow down evaporation of the pool water. You will have to compensate for not only the water that is lost, but also for the change in temperature. So evaporation will increase the cost of maintaining your swimming pool. However, a pool cover can ensure that there is minimal evaporation and you will not have to waste as much water. The savings will be significant when you calculate on an annual level.

2. Pool Covers Help Maintain Water Temperature

When you use swimming pool covers to cover the water at nighttime or during the cold days, there is good amount of heat loss prevention. This is one of the most important benefits of having a pool cover. You can have the water get warm during the day and retain good amount of the heat during night by keeping it covered. This will reduce your heating costs by a big margin over the long term.

3. Reduce Chemical Usage

If your swimming pool’s chemical balance changes it is going to affect you when you enter the water. It can even cause irritations of the skin and eye. Using swimming pool covers can however can help maintain the balance and reduce how much chemicals are consumed.

4. Keep Your Pool Clean

An open swimming pool means all types of stuff can find their way into the water. This includes:

  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Dead insects
  • Kid’s or pet’s toys

And almost anything that the wind can blow into your pool. A cleaner pool will further help you save money, time and effort required for frequent cleaning. It can also prevent any blocks in the drains or motors.

5. Safety & Protection

There are durable swimming pool covers that can protect a person or pet from falling into the water. Some types of covers can hold up to several hundred pounds of weight. Whether you have a pool fence or not, such covers can provide good level of protection. You must know a few points about safety provided by different covers:

  • Sturdier pool covers will be heavy and need certain track system
  • Don’t expect solar covers and tarps to provide much safety
  • More protection will mean more expenses, but higher level of safety for kids and pets

So if you have a pool in your home, it is important to consider installing swimming pool covers. The choice of the cover will depend on your budget, the presence of kids or pets in your home, and your preferences.

swimming pool covers