Safety Turtle Additional Pet Band for 2.0 System



Safety Turtle Pet Band 2.0

Safety Turtle Pet Bands are sensors that your pet wears on their collar that trigger an alarm when submerged in water. These are extra bands used together with the Safety Turtle base unit to protect more than one pet at once. With this pet collar pool alarm, you can know immediately if any of your pets fall into the pool or decide on their own to go for a swim.

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About the Safety Turtle 2.0

Similar to our child wristband, the Safety Turtle Pet Band 2.0 has a Velcro strap that easily attaches to your pet’s collar. The turtle contains technology that alerts you as soon as your pet enters the water so if needed, you can immediately jump to the rescue.

Homes with multiple pets can maintain this level of safety for all. You can hook up our safety turtle pet collar pool alarm to multiple pets on the same system. With Safety Turtle’s pool safety technology, you never have to worry if your children, friends, or pets, are in an unsafe situation in your pool.

Keep Your Pets Protected With All-Safe

Order extra Safety Turtle Pet Bands here with us online to help protect your pet around the pool.