Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm System for Children



Adventurous children and pets love to play in and around the pool, but we all know that is dangerous if there’s no adult nearby. The Safety Turtle 2.0 Alarm is a system of one or more bracelets and a connecting base station that sounds an alert when submerged in water. With a safety turtle pool alarm bracelet, you’ll know immediately if children or pets are in the pool.

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About the Safety Turtle 2.0

The kit includes a base station with an AC adapter and a green turtle wristband. To use it, you simply place the bracelet on your child. The little green turtle contains a sensor that will send a loud alarm through the base station as soon as it senses your child is in the water. Every Turtle pool alarm bracelet battery lasts three to five years and works in all pool types.

Safety Turtle 2.0 system comes with a one-year warranty, and there is no installation required. If you have multiple kids or pets that you want to monitor, you can add as many alarm bracelets and bands to the system as needed. Whether you have one puppy or four kids and five dogs, they can all be protected, all the time.

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