Replacement Poles - Peg

All-Safe’s pool safety fences are built kid-tough, with mesh fabric that children can’t climb and sturdy infrastructure that strong winds won’t knock down. WIth more than 25 years in the business, we know exactly what families need to be confident in their loved ones’ safety and their backyard’s great appearance. All of our safety fences are built with customers in mind, from the design and installation, right down to the pool fence pole peg.

48″ Pole “Actual” Dimensions are 53-1/2″ in Length

60″ Pole “Actual” Dimensions are 65-1/2″ in Length 

All-Safe’s replacement peg poles are designed to fit holes that are ⅝ inches wide and work best with our removable mesh pool fences. If you are planning to install the fence yourself, you will need a hammer drill with a ⅝-inch drill bit, or you can have an All-Safe local dealer install it for you.

All of the pool fence pole pegs are available in either brown or black colors and smooth or textured paint options. You can also choose between 48-inch or 60-inch tall poles depending on how high you want the fence to be. Every purchase of one of these replacement items also comes with a molding strip, pole cap, ⅝-inch deck sleeve, and a bag of screws.

No matter what kind of pool fence pole peg or other replacement part you are seeking for your pool safety fence, All-Safe can help you get what you need. You can order supplies online and if you need a little more assistance, have questions, or would like some professional assistance installing your parts, your local All-Safe dealer can help you do so in no time. Simply locate your nearest dealer and give them a call to get started.