Advantages of Having A Pool with Retractable Cover

Pool With Retractable Cover

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Pool With Retractable Cover

Advantages of Having A Pool with Retractable Cover

There are many advantages of having a pool with retractable cover. Such cover offers high level of convenience and safety. It also helps protect against debris, and reduces heating costs and maintenance. You have to just turn a key or press a button and your pool will become protected.


When thinking of pool with retractable cover, many people think that such pools have to be rectangular in shape. However, that is not essential. But you should keep in mind that this type of pool cover has certain requirements, and you will have to have certain additions made to your pool. It will require that two parallel tracks are installed on each side of the pool. It is also essential that the tracks have the same elevation.

So the only case where the cover cannot be installed is when your pool has a shape where tracks cannot run along its length, this type of cover cannot be installed. However, modern equipment allows installing tracks on almost all types of pools and you will not have to worry.

There are many benefits of having a pool with retractable cover. The most important ones are as following:


1. Easy to Use

Retractable pool covers are quite easy to use. They can be opened and closed in seconds by just pressing a button. These systems are fitted with a motor that makes operation quite easy.

2. No Need for Manual Lifting

A pool with retractable cover also eliminates any need for manually lifting the cover. The motor can instantly open or close the cover without any effort. This makes these covers convenient for even the elders. Traditionally, it was difficult to lift the pool covers so many people would use their pool less in the past.

3. Enhanced Safety

This type of pool cover also provides enhanced level of safety. A pool with retractable cover offers complete coverage. Besides, because it is easy to use, you can always easily cover your pool and prevent anyone from entering the water. It helps in effectively sealing the pool and gives you a higher sense of safety for your children and pets. Modern motor-based pool covers are also durable and can withstand good amount of weight. Even if your child or pet walks over it, you will not have to worry that it may break or sink.

4. High Level of Flexibility

Another advantage of using a retractable pool cover is that it can be easily installed over your existing deck. It can also be installed with ease below the pool coping’s edge. You can also have it installed when your pool is being built.

5. Cleaner Pool

As already mentioned, a pool with retractable cover will remain cleaner for longer. Because you can easily cover your pool, it will remain protected against debris for most of the time. This will help in reducing the amount of maintenance and cleaning required. Thus, you can keep large amount of leaves and dirt out of the pool for most part of the year.

Pool With Retractable Cover

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