How Much Can Pool Fencing Cost You? A Guide To Fences For Pools Pricing

fences for pools pricing

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fences for pools pricing

How Much For Pool Fencing? A Guide To Fences For Pools Pricing

A quality pool fence that offers high level of safety gives you peace of mind. So how much can it cost to install pool fencing in your home? As a minimum benchmark, you should expect the fences for pools pricing to start from something around $1,200-1,300. This can vary depending on the quality, the perimeter and the size of your pool. Usually, simple mesh pools are at the starting point in terms of price, but there are many other options at different price points.

Just like any other pool feature, the fences for pools pricing can vary a lot. They differ in terms of so many factors including:

  • Materials
  • Styles
  • Size

Although these fences are available in various forms, and some can be quite affordable, make sure that the fencing for your home meets the minimal standards laid down by the local laws.

Pool Fence Pricing

Removable pool fencing, especially mesh fences, are both cheap and flexible. The fence is usually secured to the deck, and you can remove it whenever you want. You can choose them from different height options. But make sure that the local law allows you to remove the fencing. Usually, both removable and permanent fences for pools pricing can be anything from $15 to $20 for each linear foot. If you have a large pool and want to cover a larger perimeter, the per-foot cost may come down. But keep in mind that if your yard has uneven ground, the price can increase.

If you are going to remove your fence during the offseason, you will have to install a pool cover. So you should also take that factor into the costs when choosing a removable pool safety fence.

Additional Factors

Just like the slope, there are other factors that can have an impact on fences for pools pricing. These include the following:

  • Fence’s Height – Usually, there will be a minimum standard for height in your area and most contractors meet that criteria. However, you may also be able to choose higher pool fences, usually up to a height of 6 feet. So the height is going to affect the fences for pools pricing.
  • Self-Closing Gate – Your local area law may require that your pool fence should have a self-closing gate. Many fences can have even two such gates. So installing these gates will also affect the fences for pools pricing.
  • Quality – If you choose a higher quality materials or more durable and long-lasting materials, they are going to cost you more.
  • Alarm – You can also have an alarm installed on the pool fence gate for additional level of safety. Especially if you have young children, an alarm will be a worthwhile investment.  Make sure to check your local laws because alarms are essential in some jurisdictions.

There are many other factors that can affect the fences for pools pricing. If you have to remove your old fencing, it can increase the costs. If you are going to install the fence yourself, you can save on the installation costs. The prices can also vary from one jurisdiction to another depending on the needs.

fences for pools pricing

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