Exotic Options For A fence Around Pool

fence around pool

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fence around pool

4 Exotic Options for A Fence Around Pool Area

Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when you see your children and pets around your pool. Installing fence around pool is one of the most important steps you can take in this direction. A pool fence is primarily meant for safety, but there is a lot more that it can do. It can also add to your home’s overall looks. There are different types of fences available so that you can choose the one that looks and works perfectly for your outdoors and pool.

Glass, wood, vinyl, and metal fencing are commonly used options. There are some exotic types of fences that which are unique and can add up more value to your home.

1. Brush Fences

If you have a pool with uneven design, brush fencing can be an easier, more elegant and ‘natural’ option. It is made from natural brush timber, and adds a rustic appeal to your yard. Glass allows easier visibility, but brush fence around pool gives you more privacy. Brush fences can just be perfect for your lush green garden.

2. Tubular Fences

Tubular fencing helps add a more classic appeal to your yard. One of the advantages of this type of fencing is that it can be designed in any style you desire. They are made using vertical metal balusters secured using horizontal metal tube. The balusters are commonly made from aluminium, but stainless steel can is also used.

If you have children and pets, tubular fence around pool can be the perfect option. It offers many benefits:

  • It is difficult to climb
  • There is almost no need to maintain it
  • It is highly durable and rugged
  • It is available in unlimited styles
  • It also allows you to look across

You can also plant shrubs along this fence and it can become almost invisible with time.

3. Gabion Fences

If you want to create a more classic feel around your pool, gabion fence around pool can be the perfect option. These fences are easy to construct and don’t cost big. They are also durable, easy to maintain and add up to your garden’s looks. A gabion fence uses rocks and can easily blend into the natural looks of your yard. It can also be used for irregular-shaped pools.

4. Timber Fences

Timber is another classic and rustic option for the fence around pool. It is highly durable and gives a traditional cottage-like feel. It is easier to paint and can also be easily dismantled. Interestingly, not everyone can install it properly.

5. Brick Fencing

If you have a large pool area with a large in-ground pool, garden, and patio around it, brick fencing can be a highly durable option. You can also build this type of fence along with other fences, such as tubular, glass or brush fencing. Care should be taken that the mortar joints don’t offer adequate gap for climbing.

These are some of the more exotic fencing types that can make your pool area look unique.

fence around pool

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