Top 3 DIY Pool Safety Fence Tips For Your Home

DIY pool safety fence

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DIY pool safety fence

Top 3 DIY Pool Safety Fence Tips For Your Home

There are many advantages of installing a pool fence in your home. It helps enhancing safety for your children and pets, while also adding up to your home’s overall looks. It can also help create a private space around the poor area and also prevent unwanted visitors and animals from entering the water. Interestingly, you can have the fence installed yourself. But when thinking of DIY pool safety fence, you should consider the following options.

1. Wood Pool Fence

Wood fences are commonly used for pools and yards. They can add up to your home’s looks because they are available in various designs and shades. But you should expect to spend more or less depending on the style.

  • Pressure-Treated Pine Boards – They can be the cheapest of all the wooden options meant for picket fencing. You can give strain-treatment to the boards for a more natural and rustic look. But many DIY pool safety fence enthusiasts like to paint them too.
  • Split Post Fence – When it comes to wooden DIY pool safety fence, a split-post fence with many vertical support posts and horizontal logs/boards can be highly affordable. But make sure that this type of fence is allowed by your local building code.
  • Close-Slatted Picket Fence – If you can spare to spend a little more, you can choose a close-slatted picket fence. They provide higher level of privacy and there are lesser chances of any conflicts with the code.

2. Chain-Link Pool Fences

You can also install a chain-link fence yourself. In fact, some of the options can be even cheaper than their wooden counterparts. As the name suggests, this type of fencing is made by weaving steel wires. Thus, you will have a fence that is weather resistant and durable. Make sure to check your local building code to ensure that they are allowed.

Many homeowners think that chain-link fences are not as attractive as other options. However, you can make them aesthetically more appealing by planting climbing vines around them. Then there are vinyl-coated fences available in different colors. The coating can not only make them look better, but also protect the metal from the weather.

3. Wrought Iron Pool Fences

If you have more money to spare, you can add a wrought iron diy pool safety fence. It can cost almost double the amount as other types of fencing. However, they are not as costly as aluminium or vinyl pool fences. At the same time, the price can further be affected by how much decorative detailing you need. Many homeowners will add:

  • Circular separators
  • Scrollwork

Your diy pool safety fence project can involve just black colored wrought-iron pool fencing, because it is the cheapest option. Use limited amounts of decorations. These fences have thin slats that allow you to get a view in and around the pool area. Thus, it adds additional level of safety.

So consider all these diy pool safety fence options before you decide which one to choose for your home.

DIY pool safety fence

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